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 Get The 2022 Complete Renewable Energy Engineer Preparation Bundle for $49.99 (reg. $2,400), a discount of 97 per cent.

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The environment needs our help, but that doesn’t mean we all need to stop living modern lives and revert back to the Middle Ages. In fact, it’s moving forward with better, greener solutions that will positively impact the environment and make greater change. If you’ve been considering new job opportunities that promise to be lucrative without hurting the environment, we’ve got something even better. You can score top-employment and implement change to improve the environment. 

The 2022 Complete Renewable Energy Engineer Preparation Bundle offers 12 courses, 225 lessons and 38 hours of content on Solar, Wind and other Renewable Energies. Start by learning the basics of wind turbines. This course comes with a 4.45 star rating, and promises to teach you everything there is to know about wind energies. Move on to cutting-edge ETAP, an analytical engineering software that helps an electrical engineer to stimulate and analyze the steady-state and dynamic power systems. You will also learn electronic and electrical device maintenance and troubleshooting so you can either brush up on your electronics knowledge or start for the beginning. Discover On and Off Grid PV systems and create your own designs. The courses above are only the beginning. There is so much information and knowledge sharing here, that you will become a master at all or find a specific area of interest. It is yours to discover.


Rated 4.5/5 stars by verified purchasers, this learning bundle promises to get you started in the field of renewable energy, and that means you will learn about everything you need to know and more to begin your greener and more lucrative career. One student even wrote, "This is a great tool for anyone in the energy sector."

What’s more? The lifetime subscription means you can revisit material whenever you need. This is the perfect training bundle to get you creating new solutions to old problems—you can protect the environment, one course at a time. 

Get The 2022 Complete Renewable Energy Engineer Preparation Bundle for $49.99 (reg. $2,400), a discount of 97 per cent. 

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