Go From Zero To Hero In The Tech Industry With This $10 eBook Collection

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Do you want to take your career to the next level? Are you finding it difficult to stand out in today’s ever-evolving world of software? Sure, becoming a software architect can secure you a pretty sweet salary, but the list of skills one needs to bring to the table gets bigger every year. 


Let’s face it. You're ultimately the one in charge of your career, so that makes you the only one who can successfully manage your goals and career path. What you need is a solid plan to move forward and get noticed, and that includes knowing which skills will catch the eyes of tech recruiters. Fortunately, this eBook collection from legendary learning company, O'Reilly Media, has the knowledge you need to go from zero to hero.

There are many ways you can self-promote your work and your abilities, but some of them just aren’t going to work as quickly or effectively as this collection of ebooks. This Software Architecture eBook Bundle is the perfect solution to enhancing your career and abilities in the workplace. This bundle gives you five highly-rated eBooks on building systems, tech strategies and software development. 

Each of these courses is led by professionals with years of experience in software and technology. For instance, Eben Hewitt, CTO of Sabre Hospitality, teaches students how to adopt a strategic architectural mindset in Technology Strategy Patterns: Architecture as Strategy. Here, you'll learn how to produce great technology by using practical patterns and share these ideas in ways that different groups of audiences can connect to. Similarly, Brendan Burns, the co-founder of the Kubernetes open-source project, instructs students how to split applications into a group of containers on a single machine, how rapidly deploy reliable distributed systems and much more. 

That's not all the bundle contains. 97 Things Every Software Architect Should Know prepares you for a more complex but rewarding role in enterprise. The Software Architect Elevator lets you into the minds of top software architects to learn all the tricks of the trade. And, last but not least, Microservice Architecture: Aligning Principles, Practices and Culture—this book is everything you want to know about how microservices work. 


Each eBook in this O'Reilly Bundle provides the necessary approaches to improving your discipline and will ensure you stand out in any technically-minded company. And right now, you can purchase all five eBooks for just $9.99 — that's just $2 per eBook!. 

Prices subject to change.