Get Your Kids Or Students Into Science And Tech While Saving $79 With This Drone Kit

Only $49.99 to start a love of tech and robotics, or just keeping the kids busy for a while!  

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Want to encourage your kids to try out engineering or robotics? Maybe you're just looking for a project to keep them busy while they're home for the summer? There are great ways to get young people into science, though some are safer than others! Building kits are like LEGOs for teens and grownups alike, giving us a change to flex our brainpower and do a hands-on activity that builds interest in engineering, mechanics and science! Best of all these kits don't have to cost an arm and a leg with our great sale on the DIY Building Block STEM Drone (Grey), now only $49.99! You'll be saving 61% on this fun, easy project that will wow your kids and get them to do more than just loaf around playing video games this summer.

Great as a gift for someone you're close to, the DIY Building Block STEM Drone (Grey) builds on easy-to-grasp fundamentals for kids from ages 6-10 to put together and fly. You'll be saving 61% on this drone that can do awesome stunt flips, take thrilling photos and buzz through the air quickly, wowing kids and getting them outside! It'll cost only $49.99 to give your kids a productive, engaging project that teaches them about load balance, aerodynamics and putting together a real working machine. You'll save more than $75 on this drone kit, and your kids will have an absolute blast.


The DIY Building Block STEM Drone is easy to put together and fly, great for kids and their parents alike! That's why drone enthusiast John Cuppi said in his review: "This drone is easy to assemble and fly, and includes everything you need to get it in the air once built" and that, "The kit is great for teachers in STEM fields, parents who want to build something fun with their kids."

Get your kids or students into science and engineering with 61% off the DIY Building Block STEM Drone (Grey)! Only $49.99 to start a love of tech and robotics, or just keeping the kids busy for a while!

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