Save money, build your knowledge and help your community with some of these amazing online learning courses.

Get The Personal Goals Freebie Bundle for FREE (reg. $995).

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Our Back to Education sale runs now through August 24th. While it's going on, not only are you going to save a ton on educational programs, learning tools and self-improvement courses, but you'll also be supporting students and schools in need.

Every purchase you make during this sale provides $.50 to supporting childhood education. Once you buy a product on sale, you'll get an email to vote for the school of your choice and at the end of the sale the school with the most votes will receive the donation. Save money, build your knowledge and help your community with some of these amazing online learning courses.


Rootd Anxiety & Meditation App: Lifetime Subscription

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Things are stressful, we get it. Right now, it's more important than ever to prioritize your mental health, reduce anxiety and feel way less overwhelmed by life. Rootd is the female-founded mobile app that uses therapist-designed exercises, on-demand access and a whole suite of tools to help you manage daily anxiety and debilitating panic attacks alike. Invest in yourself with the app that includes journaling, guided exercises, visualizations, deep breathing tools and more to help you get a hold of your inner life and fulfill your potential!

Get Rootd Anxiety & Meditation App: Lifetime Subscription for $59.99 (reg. $299.99). Plus Plan: Lifetime Subscription

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Meditation is one of the best ways to help control your anxiety, depression and other common ailments today. Learn to understand and live with your emotions is critical to a healthy, productive life and makes it easy to integrate meditation into a daily part of your life. With former psychologists, monks, therapists and other mental health pros as part of the team, you'll get some of the best tools for meditation out there. This subscription includes more than 2000 mindfulness practices, a daily guided meditation for every day of the year and hundreds of sleep tools to ensure you're well-rested for the day ahead. Build a healthy, active life with mindful meditation and become the best you that you can.

Get Plus Plan: Lifetime Subscription for $69.99 (reg. $399.99). 

Prism Drive Secure Cloud Storage: Lifetime Subscription

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When you're planning to get back into the education game, whether school, self-taught or something else, you're going to need space to hold your books, documents, portfolios and essays. There's no need for bulky USB drives or external hardware, now you can use a lifetime subscription to Prism Drive Secure Cloud Storage! You'll get 2TB of space for just about any type of file, shareable links, easy access and more! All of these features in a heavily encrypted online storage that keeps your data safe from hackers and thieves.

Get Prism Drive Secure Cloud Storage: Lifetime Subscription for $40 (reg. $790).

Agenda Premium 14: Date-Focused Note-Taking

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Don't let your work get out of control, keep everything tidy and organized with the program that helps you plan and document your projects on iOS, iPadOS and macOS! With its strong emphasis on passage of time, beautiful style and integrated features you'll have no issues tracking things from school work to favorite recipes to checking off your to-do list! You'll even be able to jot down notes to track your thinking, see adjustments and sync them all between your devices.

Get Agenda Premium 14: Date-Focused Note-Taking for $9.99 (reg. $34.99).

Enpass Password Manager Individual Plan: Lifetime Subscription

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We're all online now and that means most of our life is stored somewhere digital and protected with a password. Usually, it's a password you use too often, that makes you vulnerable to malware, thieves and the dark web. Generate and store unique, powerful passwords that ensure your accounts remain safe and private with Enpass Password Manager. Get alerts about web breaches, auto-fill online forms, store any kind of document and more behind this powerfully encrypted cloud storage service. Stay safe online and make your life easier with great passwords.

Get Enpass Password Manager Individual Plan: Lifetime Subscription for $29.99 (reg. $79.99).

Don't Miss These Free Courses:

If you're looking to improve your education and yourself even more, you should check out these freebies that come with our Back to Education Sale while it's going on!

A Mini Course on Time Management

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Get access to 12 courses on time management that help you optimize your day and maximize your productivity! Gain confidence in your skills, learn how to judge urgency and learn about the famous 80/20 rule in this completely free course bundle as part of our sale!


Get A Mini Course on Time Management for FREE (reg. $200)!

The Personal Goals Freebie Bundle

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An extra free add-on to our sale, this bundle shows you the secrets to focusing on your goals, building a plan and finally achieving your dreams. Don't let analysis paralysis, self-doubt or a sense of being overwhelmed keep your from doing the things you've always dreamed of. Get all five courses completely free as part of our Back to Education Sale.

Get The Personal Goals Freebie Bundle for FREE (reg. $995). 

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