Get PlayStation Plus 10 Courses On Unity Game Development For $70

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If you love playing video games and are also into the idea of building your own, you clicked on the right link. Right now, you can get a subscription to PlayStation Plus, in addition to 10 courses on developing your very own games with Unity, for just $70. 


Let’s unpack that. The Unity Game Developer Bundle ft. PlayStation Plus deal is designed to please gamers on every level. First things first: your bundle includes a year subscription to PlayStation Plus, which gives you access to online multiplayer games, as well as new monthly games, discounts and more perks. Take your PS experience to another level when you connect and play with fellow gamers from around the world, and get deals on add-ons and pre-orders, too. 

Fun and games aside, if you’ve thought of a great idea for a video game, this is your time to shine. Even if you haven’t been quite so inspired, you’re bound to get a great idea from the 10 courses on developing games in Unity. The popular game engine is widely used by industry leaders, and this bundle offers a chance to learn how to build the best games, for work or play. 

Learn the basics of multiplayer game development, develop a starship Unity game using artificial intelligence, create a ninja survivor game for mobile and more. Take a 5-star course action RPG development, with intel on setting up play and enemy movement animations, natural obstacles and even boost your animation aesthetics with effects. Learn to build survival games with a 4.9-star course covering everything from player to environment. Creative possibilities abound. 

Keep your cool and grab this PlayStation Plus deal now so you can get in on the gaming when the June freebies are announced – and who knows, you might be the creator of the next big video game hit.  


Right now, you can get The Unity Game Developer Bundle ft. PlayStation Plus: 1-Yr Subscription at $69.99, down 96% from the original MSRP. 

Prices subject to change.