Get Certified In 7 Must-Have Gaming Dev & Design Courses And Change Your Life

Get The Game Design & Development Bundle for $29 (reg. $1,519), a discount of 98 percent.

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You are not impressed with your job. In fact, you know it doesn’t pay enough and there really is no room for long-term advancement. What you do know is that jobs in tech are the best paying and offer tons of security. You love gaming, and you’ve always been up-to-date with the latest games and trends, it’s just you don’t have to skills to make the transition into the lucrative gaming world. Well, you can get them now, and you only need to pay $29. What have you got to lose? 

The Game Design & Development Bundle offers 7 courses and 213 lessons on Unity, Maya and more to help you begin your career in game development. These 7 courses walk you through from beginner game development to more advanced stuff that will impress your future employers. Start with the beginner-level techniques in 3D game development, computer animation, digital painting and programming. 


This game dev bundle also preps you to create your own multi-device and cross-platform game, learning the basics of Unity, HTML5 game development, understanding GameMaker language, building your own low poly scene in Maya and learning ESL games and activities. What’s more? Once you’ve completed each course, you walk away with a certificate of achievement, which employers love to see. It shows you’ve got the knowledge and the determination to make it in today’s gaming world. 

Need further convincing? You’ve got an entire year to get through these 7 courses taught by One Education, which provides e-learning experiences of a wide variety for aspiring professionals. It’s the perfect place to start, and it’s only $29. It will be the best investment that you’ve ever made in yourself. 

Get The Game Design & Development Bundle for $29 (reg. $1,519), a discount of 98 percent. 

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