Get a Mars Lamp Designed With NASA Satellites for Less Than $50

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No matter how obsessed you may be with the planet Mars, your chances of getting there in this lifetime are slim to none. Of course, there’s always NASA’s Mars Dine Alpha, an analog 3D-printed Martian base. And if you can’t get a spot on that exclusive list, then your best bet is to bring the planet home. 

The Original 16-Color Mars Lamp provides the experience of being on Mars from inside the comfort of your own home. Choose your room wisely, as it will transform into your own personal, miniature planetarium. This isn't some garden-variety glowing orb. 


Each Mars lamp has gone through a rigorous 26+ hour 3D printing process using state-of-the-art technology. The graphics on this unique showpiece were designed according to NASA satellite images to reproduce the actual surface of Mars accurately. Its wireless design provides a simplistic, stress-free experience. A dimmable option makes for a relaxing night light, or you can turn it high enough to brighten an entire room. There’s a remote control included to alternate between the 16 colors, as well as dim, fade between colors or flash between colors. Also provided is a USB charging cable to recharge your cool lamp. 

You may not realize how direct lighting can create an uneven ambience in your house. Along with visual discomfort and resulting eye fatigue, direct lighting can also cause glare on computer screens and televisions. The American Medical Association understands the kind of discomfort provided by glare when they issued a warning about the direct lighting of streetlights. Having over a dozen color options with the Mars lamp allows the flexibility to choose one that matches your environment and mood, creating a wonderful ambience and calming psychological effect that helps reduce stress. 

Have any astronomy-loving family members, or friends obsessed with Martians? Ordering this as a present for someone is super convenient since it can come with a gift box (optional at checkout). Made with 100% eco-friendly PLA from the USA, the Mars lamp is completely safe for children since it doesn’t heat up. 

Light up your room with the unique glow of The Original 16-Color Mars Lamp and benefit from limited-time savings through IFLScience that drop the price to just $49.99


Prices subject to change.


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