Explore How Linux Can Help Launch Your IT Expert Career For $30

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Linux is everywhere — even though you might not even realize it. It's churning away inside servers processing every Google search we run and every Facebook post we investigate. All the Android phones in existence are powered by a version of Linux. Between its open-source origins, its highly collaborative features and its resounding versatility, it's easy to see why Linux is still so vital after more than 30 years.


Users can get a feel for Linux's true power and add a valuable resume skill with the all-encompassing training in The 2022 Complete Linux Programming Certification Bundle.

Across eight courses with more than 18 hours of content, Linux novices will be fully exposed to how Linux works, its role in today's coding world and how to use those skills to land a new career as an IT expert.

It all starts with Linux Crash Course for Beginners, a solid introduction to Linux basic operations for first-time users. In this course, designed to be completed in just two days, students learn foundational Linux administration, how to write clean Linux code and what it takes to earn a firm command of how to use and manage Linux-based systems.

Further courses advance that training with deep dives into how Linux facilitates networking using Linux servers and security measures to keep those systems safe, including a full look at the powerful authentication abilities of Pluggable Authentication Modules, or PAM.


Armed with that Linux knowledge, there is also coursework here to help learners land a job in IT with their newfound Linux skills. The Complete Job Interviewing Skills course features real-life examples to help improve your job interview performance, while the Get a Job of Your Dreams in IT helps jobseekers identify which IT field is right for them, then pursue that dream.

There's even a Computer Skills for Parents to Teach their Kids course that does just what it says — exploring how parents and guardians can help introduce basic computer concepts to children in terms that everyone can understand.

Each course in The 2022 Complete Linux Programming Certification Bundle would normally cost $200, but with this bundle, the entire collection is available now for just $29.99.

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