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Science is truly amazing, so amazing that even stuff we believe to be stone-cold scientific facts can occasionally turn out to be incorrect. Case in point, researchers are puzzled over how a woman born missing her left temporal lobe — the brain region believed to regulate language processing — could actually speak two different languages

The answer could have less to do with the human brain’s wonders and hidden powers and more with one simple conclusion: she may just have been a Babbel learner. As one of the premier language-learning apps around — accounting for more than 10 million learners worldwide — Babbel and its elite methods can get you to understand and speak any of its 14 languages, including Spanish, German, Italian, French, Portuguese, Swedish and more.


Babbel lessons are crafted for maximum comprehension and maximum learning engagement. With sessions centered around common everyday topics like travel, family, business, food and more, learners hear from native speakers using words and phrases as they’re used daily by millions. Unlike long, laborious classroom lessons, a Babbel session usually clocks in about 10 minutes, making it an easy addition to any spare moment in your day.

From traditional learning methods like lectures and reading to more engaging avenues like games and podcasts, Babbel offers personalized lessons that steer you into any areas where you may need extra help or training. That’s the result of Babbel’s speech recognition technology, which grades your ability to speak the new language, then contours future coursework to help in areas where you need it most.

And after 15 years of uncontested success, it’s easy to see why members are so pleased at the end of their Babbel journey. “Super easy to use and multiple options for learning  — and reviews are good. Lessons are quick, so it’s easy to take 10 or 15 minutes a day and make progress,” Babbel user Donna raved in her Trustpilot review.

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