Washington Governor On Donald Trump: "Only Smallpox Has Done More To Unite Scientists"

Democratic Governor of Washington Jay Inslee, pictured here (r) speaking at an innovation conference in Vancouver back in 2016. Ben Nelms/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Inslee has always been avowedly pro-science. He speaks of how, when he was still a member of Congress, he managed to get appropriations to help fund LIGO, the groundbreaking facility that confirmed the existence of gravitational waves for the first time back in 2016.

Climate change has always been on the radar, and he’s even penned a book on the subject, Apollo’s Fire, and what can be done to push back. His co-chairing of the Alliance, then, was a no-brainer.

Our conversation confirms he has both a profound respect for scientists and a deep technical knowledge of the science they work on. Citing study after study and his talk at the Seattle chapter of the March for Science, it’s clear he’s as fascinated by the facts as he is unnerved by them – and that this coalition of the willing is a chance to act on climate change in as influential a way as possible.

“We want to work in tandem with the world,” he explains. “We can share technologies, push renewable energy across state boundaries, help to influence carbon markets. We can explore commonality in the social cost of carbon.

“The group is just a few days old right now, so there’s still plenty to do,” he says.

The March for Science fired the starting gun on what is amounting to be a scientific uprising. TJ Brown/Shutterstock

Importantly, recognizing that they are under unprecedented attack, Inslee sees the Alliance as a way to defend scientists themselves.

“Scientists: Do not be intimidated by those that want to silence you. Share the knowledge with the public. The more you share, the better a scientist you are.”

“I know that there will be a lot of efforts to intimidate you, but we will have your back. You will not be alone; we will stand with you, and if they come for you they will have to go through us.”

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