Washington Governor On Donald Trump: "Only Smallpox Has Done More To Unite Scientists"

Democratic Governor of Washington Jay Inslee, pictured here (r) speaking at an innovation conference in Vancouver back in 2016. Ben Nelms/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Robin Andrews 22 Jul 2017, 17:41

The group does hold considerable sway over the direction the country takes on the issue. Together, the Alliance represents 31 percent of the US population – over 100 million people – and 36 percent of the entire US economy.

Along with the fact that around two-thirds of the US population support the Paris agreement, it’s clear that America is divided, but not in the way you might think. The White House is looking very lonely on this issue; an island where the rising tide of change is threatening to wash its occupants away.

“Donald Trump cannot stop the efforts we are now engaged in to stop us joining the rest of the world in climate change. There’s no need to go around him because he doesn’t have the constitutional authority to block local decision-making processes.”

He explains that Washington, like many of the states in the Alliance, is leading the way on clean energy as they have done for several decades now. His state has the “only absolute binding carbon cap, an economy-wide cap, in the United States,” along with a Clean Air Law.

“We have a clean energy institute working on new technologies, a clean energy development fund working very closely with businesses large and small, we are electrifying our transportation system – making it easier for electric cars,” Inslee notes. “We are moving forward on a whole spectrum of clean energy policies.”

Inslee spoke at the March for Science back in April of this year. Karen Ducey/Getty Images

“The point is that we are entirely free to execute measures like that in conjunction with the rest of the world, and there’s no need to go around that because the President doesn’t have the capability to create a blockage to it.”

Inslee sees the President as someone who isn’t fighting against climate change science and preventative measures, but rather someone who has simply given up the fight before it’s even begun. “He’s run up the white flag of surrender for climate change,” he tells us, before making another characteristically vivid comparison.

“We know that he’s taken rank with the flat earth society – so we in the Alliance can control our own destiny.”

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