Top Scientist Reminds Republicans That "Science Is Not A Political Construct"

US Congress by moonlight. Eugene Moerman/Shutterstock

The CSST in its current form is the very opposite of a good source of scientific information.

It actively promotes slanderous, unfounded articles about non-existent scientific corruption, peddled by the likes of the Daily Mail and Breitbart. It specializes in its presentation of prevarication-filled travesties of journalism claiming that climate change is a hoax, all the while acting as if they are pieces of factual information.

The CSST Chairman, Congressman Lamar Smith of Texas, is an archenemy of the EPA, often making bold and frankly bizarre claims about what he sees as its secret agendas. His history on the committee strongly suggests he seeks to undermine the public’s trust in scientists.

Although there are Democratic and generally very pro-science lawmakers on the CSST, they are outnumbered by the number of Republicans on it almost 2-to-1, so there’s nothing they can really do right now to shut down the threats the CSST is issuing to science – apart from wear sarcastic hats, of course.


Democratic lawmaker Don Beyer of Virginia wears a hat saying "Keep The EPA Great."

It’s worth noting that the members of the CSST are chosen by Republicans and Democrats in Congress. The numbers of lawmakers on the CSST are determined by the proportion of those from both political parties in Congress, which are in turn elected by you, the people.

So, if you care about America’s scientific legacy, here’s an idea – when the midterm elections come around in 2018, vote for members of Congress that actually give a damn about it.

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