A Huge Geyser Eruption In Yellowstone Just "Coughed Up" Some Very Strange Objects

The rare eruption was captured on film by the US Geological Survey. USGS

Madison Dapcevich 03 Oct 2018, 10:57

"More than any single thing, I think the most beautiful part of Yellowstone is that it is a living system," wrote Facebook user CW Gross in a post last month. "It's a bubbling, roiling, erupting, heaving, rutting, birthing, growing, changing place. Other parks celebrate the beauty of what nature has worn away, Yellowstone celebrates the beauty of what nature is creating.” 

Of course, officials remind visitors that if you bring something into the park, you need to take it with you.

“Foreign objects can damage hot springs and geysers," the Park wrote. "The next time Ear Spring erupts we hope it's nothing but natural rocks and water. You can help by never throwing anything into Yellowstone's thermal features!”

Yellowstone National Park told IFLScience that until museum curators have had a chance to examine the items, they won't have any further information.  

The new unnamed feature has reached temperatures of up to 104°C (220°F), causing park officials to block off the boardwalk. USGS
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