Something Even More Unlikely Than Cloned Dinosaurs Happens In The Jurassic World Trailer

Oh dear. Juassic World: Fallen Kingdom via Universal Pictures/YouTube

“These two-legged ornithopods are estimated to have been able to run a lot faster, but their body plan is also very different,” Sattler adds. Really though, you’d definitely need to be warm-blooded.

“If you want to run super fast, and not just for a sprint, but for a longer time (as you probably would when you try to outrun a pyroclastic flow) then you must generate a good supply of metabolic energy.

“So really, if you start far away enough from the surge already, survival rates depend on whether the dinosaur is warm-blooded or cold-blooded,” Sattler points out. “Pro tip: be warm-blooded.”

The palaeontological jury is still out on which dinosaurs were warm- or cold-blooded, but it appears the latter in this case stood an even lower chance of making it out alive.

Sattler suggests one dinosaur may have had a chance: the Dromiceiomimus. This is a genus of “bird mimic” beasties, and some research has suggested that they could reach top speeds of 80 kilometers (50 miles) per hour.

The skull cast of a Dromiceiomimus. Jeyradan/Wikimedia Commons; Public Domain

“We don't know 100 percent how fast these dinosaurs have been able to run, but since the body plan is similar to ostriches, with long, muscular legs, this is not a bad guess,” she explains. “Ostriches can apparently run up to 70 kilometers [43 miles] per hour – pretty good, but even they might be screwed in this scenario, really.”

Pterosaurs, those non-dinosaurian flappy nightmares, would be alright though. “They can just zip off into the air, right?” Sattler adds, disdainfully.

As pointed out by a rather splendid post over on Discover, there are plenty of other strange volcanological goings on in the trailer. When it comes to the aspect of simply outrunning a pyroclastic flow on Isla Nublar, though, you’re doomed.

Life, uh, doesn’t find a way this time.

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