This Blue Lagoon Might Look Beautiful, But You Definitely Shouldn't Swim In It

Tom Scott/YouTube

Elise Andrew 08 Jul 2015, 16:51

The calm Blue Lagoon of Buxton, Derbyshire, is surrounded by a smooth stone border that looks like the perfect spot for a holiday destination.

But before you rush to splash into the crystalline waters, you may want to pause at the sign at the edge:

YouTube/Tom Scott

If you’re not put off by those side-effects, there are also disused cars, dead animals and floating debris lurking in the lagoon, too.

The attractive blue hue is caused by chemicals seeping out of the bordering quarry stone and entering the water.

With all these health dangers, you’d think that tourists would be deterred from jumping in and getting a case of the incessant scratches. However, in 2013, the waters had to be dyed black to detract people from swimming in that dazzling blue.

For more on the toxic Blue Lagoon of Buxton, watch Tom Scott’s video below from his series 'Things You Might Not Know'.



[H/T: Metro]


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