Over 100 Nobel Laureates Condemn Greenpeace's Opposition To GMOs

Greenpeace activists protesting against GMO rice in Mexico. OMAR TORRES/AFP/Getty Images
Robin Andrews 30 Jun 2016, 20:49

Greenpeace, according to their own official website, considers Golden Rice to “pose a risk to environmental and food safety,” going on to claim in one of their reports that “it is not only environmentally irresponsible, [but] it is also a disservice to humanity.”

Greenpeace is at pains to suggest that the effectiveness of Golden Rice, in terms of providing additional Vitamin A to consumers, remains to be proven – despite the fact that it already has been.

Scientists are comprehensively against this point of view, concluding that it is unsubstantiated scaremongering. Alexander Stein, an agricultural economist, expert in Golden Rice, and a member of the International Food Policy Research Institute, surmised that “it could reduce overall spending on vitamin A interventions, thus freeing up scarce resources in the fields of public health and nutrition in developing countries.”

As for Greenpeace? “Opponents of Golden Rice place their larger political agenda above the lives and health of poor people elsewhere.” This new letter agrees, ending with a plea to Greenpeace to “to cease and desist in its campaign against Golden Rice specifically, and crops and foods improved through biotechnology in general.”

GM crops are considered by a massive majority of scientists to be safe. motorolka/Shutterstock

Will it convince Greenpeace to switch tactics? Probably not, but it does highlight the fact that when it comes to science, the activist group cannot simply cherry pick the facts that agree with their politics, and discard those that don’t.

Remember – just because something is not immediately understandable, it doesn’t automatically mean it’s bad. Be skeptical of over the top claims, and educate yourself on the subject at hand.

[H/T: Washington Post]

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