Obama Declares The Clean Energy Revolution To Be "Irreversible" Despite Trump

Presdient Obama, pictured back in 2016. Evan El-Amin/Shutterstock

As has been extensively covered, the incoming Trump administration is the most anti-scientific regime to ever occupy the White House. It is stuffed full of climate denialists, fossil fuel fanatics, and anti-environmentalists that want to dismantle key scientific agencies.

The threat to the natural world – and, consequently, our own species – is extreme. However, Obama is completely correct in that America, even under these anti-intellectual storm clouds, will meet its emission-cutting targets regardless.

Just take a look at the objectives of his EPA-led Clean Power Plan. Under this framework, the US was to reduce its emissions to 32 percent of 2005 levels by 2030. By the latest estimates, it may be more than 15 years ahead of schedule – despite the fact that CPP was never authorized by the Supreme Court and now never will be.

Sure, Obama has achieved a lot in this regard. This is a leader who fought hard to help forge the Paris Agreement with China, a president who invested more in clean energy and who protected more federal land and water than any other president in American history.

Obama has always shown an acute sense of respect for academia and, in particular, science. As his most recent scientific article neatly sums up, his decision making across the board has always been data-driven.

However, the real takeaway message here is that this new paper points out that his actions aren’t actually extraordinary in any way – they’re just in line with what the rest of the planet considers inevitable. Like the leaders of plenty of other nations, Obama’s just taken the best evidence available and gone along with it.

America’s scientific legacy will be threatened under Trump, but it looks like Obama will win in the end.

Despite Trump, there's a lot to still be optimistic about. Evan El-Amin/Shutterstock

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