Italian Daredevil Wingsuits Over Active Chilean Volcano

Roberta Mancino via YouTube

You may not have heard of Villarrica before, but it’s an angry volcano. It was last in the news back in 2015, when it blew its pointy top and smothered the surrounding Chilean landscape in ash. Now it’s made headlines for a very different reason: One of the world’s most famous skydivers and BASE jumpers has just flown over it using their wingsuit.

This Italian daredevil is named Roberta Mancino; she has skydived more than 7,000 times and is recognized as one of the best in the world. She once used that flying squirrel-like wingsuit of hers to fly through the skyscrapers of Panama City, and has previously said she wants to jump out of a plane and fly alongside it, before climbing back in. In the meantime, this latest feat will have to satiate her thrill-seeking nature.

Despite Villarrica spewing both lava and sulfurous fumes from the vent, Mancino remains composed throughout, peering down into the fiery doom below almost nonchalantly. According to GQ France, she chose this volcano because it's one of the most active in the world.

It’s indubitably a cool stunt, but for this particular daredevil, it’s clearly just another day at work.

Roberta Mancino flies over the Chilean stratovolcano. GoPro via YouTube


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