If The USA Exits The Paris Agreement, This Is What Will Happen

The Eiffel Tower is illuminated by green lights in order to celebrate the ratification of the Paris Agreement. Geoffroy Van Der Hasselt/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

America’s Defensive Capabilities May Weaken

There’s a surprisingly linear relationship between violence and environmental temperature, which leads to some shocking projections. Between 1981 and 2006, warfare in sub-Saharan Africa has increased by more than 11 percent, and by 2030, the annual incidence of war will have jumped up 54 percent.

In short, climate change is robbing developing nations vulnerable to violence of basic resources, like food and water. This leads to a collapsing economy and warring people, which as a recent report notes fuels extremism, something that America is indeed wary of.

War will become more common and more costly. lordache gabriel/Shutterstock

A bipartisan group of defense experts in the US, and even Trump’s own Defense Secretary understands that climate change will make protecting the US’ interests at home and overseas more difficult. Apart from an increase in overseas violence, more powerful natural disasters will threaten American troop deployments and military bases in far-flung nations.

Violent Crime Within The US May Worsen

Speaking of violence, a warmer America will also cause a noticeable spike in stress among some of its citizens. Based on past trends, an America that refuses to cut its carbon emissions will see an extra 180,000 rape cases, 22,000 murders, and 1.2 million aggravated assault cases by the end of the century.

Those Below The Poverty Line Will Suffer

Plenty of us take food for granted, but there are millions of Americans who struggle to buy food every single day. As of 2015, there were 43.1 million of them below the poverty line. As the climate warms, food will be harder to grow, as studies have shown that agriculture cannot keep up with the rate of warming.

As agriculture begins to fail, food will become rarer – or imported more – and will become more expensive. Plenty of these people in poverty will begin to starve without any form of welfare.

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