House Science Committee Tweets Breitbart Article Denouncing Climate Change

Sundown over the US Capitol in Washington DC, home to a large amount of climate change deniers. trekandshoot/Shutterstock

It is genuinely insane that Breitbart – a grotesque alt-right website that doles out white nationalism and misogyny with all the grace and subtly of projectile vomiting – has managed to slip its way into the CSST, just as its former head is now one of the most influential people in the future Trump administration.

This is far from the first outburst of anti-intellectualism from the Republican-controlled CSST, however. The CSST has for some time held a fairly dire reputation when it comes to the dissemination of science – you know, its purpose.

Climate change deniers Ted “climate change is religion” Cruz and Marco “America is not a planet” Rubio were nominated last year to head some of its subcommittees. Both will be pleased to know that Trump plans to defund NASA’s Earth Science division, something they have often called for.

A few years back, the chief scientific advisor to the White House Dr John Holdren was forced to sit before a host of climate change denying, fossil fuel funded lawmakers at the committee. For several hours, this unfortunate scientist was tasked with absorbing a stream of unbelievably dim-witted manure as some twisted form of psychological punishment.

Jon Stewart takes on the CSST back in 2014. Comedy Central via YouTube

Listening to these politicians, Holdren remained polite throughout, even claiming he “enjoyed his interactions” with one of them, much in the way that, according to Jon Stewart, you would enjoy “playing peekaboo with a baby.”

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