Hillary Clinton Outlines How She Will "Step Up To The Challenge" Of Climate Change

Clinton pictured at an earlier event in New York City. Krista Kennell/Shutterstock

Florida was one of the states in the path of Hurricane Matthew, and many residents there are acutely aware of the consequences of inaction on climate change. Indeed, Trump wasn’t the only Republican target in her speech.

Making a reference to Florida’s Senator Marco Rubio, a former GOP presidential candidate, she noted that he often used the refrain “I’m not a scientist” when it came to the topic of climate change. “Well why doesn’t he ask a scientist and learn more about it then?”

Al Gore, one of the world’s most widely recognized promoters of climate change mitigation, linked climate change to the upcoming election in the starkest possible terms.

“Number one: when it comes to the most urgent issue facing our country and the world, the choice in this election is extremely clear,” he said. “Hillary Clinton will make solving the climate crisis a top national priority.”

Earlier, Clinton mentioned that the Pentagon had concluded that climate change is a threat to US national security, wondering if Trump would perhaps listen to their advice, if not that of almost every scientific expert.

“Here’s my second message. Your vote really, really counts,” Gore added, noting he was “Exhibit A” in this regard.

He’s right. As we at IFLScience have recently pointed out, the best thing anyone can do to fight climate change is to vote for candidates that comprehend how terrifying it is, whether they are hoping to become a local councilor, a senator, or – just maybe – the leader of the free world.


Don't boo. Vote. Alexandru Nika/Shutterstock

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