Awesome Time-Lapse Shows Five Weeks Of Stormy Weather In Just Five Minutes

Thunderstorm in the countryside, get your umbrella out. Jeff Boyce/Vimeo.

A storm’s a-brewin’ and it looks like it’ll last for five weeks.

Or for five minutes, as you can see below in the excellent time-lapse video filmed by Jeff Boyce of Negative Tilt Photography.

Boyce traveled across 15 states in America and Manitoba, Canada, for five weeks between May and June this year, chasing storms. Being a kick-ass photographer, he snapped over 70,000 high-resolution photos of the tumultuous weather to create this epic video.

Edge of Stability from Jeff Boyce on Vimeo.

Editing the photos on the go, Boyce used less than a third of the photos he took for the footage.

Boyce remarks: “I had to return to reality eventually, but I plan to make it back out to capture more images as soon as possible!” 

[H/T: Popular Mechanics]


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