Guy Finds His Car Totally Frozen Over In New York

Matthew Bové/WKBW via Twitter

Never complain about scraping ice off your windshield in the morning again.

Justin Yelen, 24, parked his Mitsubishi Lancer overnight next to Lake Erie in Buffalo, New York, while going out for drinks with friends last Sunday evening. After going to pick it up the next day, he found his car frosted with inch-thick ice.

"I hope summer comes soon," Yelen told local ABC station WKBW.

New York state has had some pretty harsh weather the past few weeks, with some areas receiving up to 86 centimeters (34 inches) of snow – seemingly making up for their “spring-like” Christmas. The area is also particularly susceptible to “lake-effect snow.” This phenomenon occurs when cold air masses move over comparatively warmer lakes. As the warm lake water heats the bottom layer of air, the lake’s water evaporates into the cold air. This then condenses and forms snow clouds.

The popsicle-car, however, was likely caused by the Great Lake’s waves. On Sunday night, the area was battered with 75 kilometer per hour (47 mile per hour) winds, causing huge waves. The waves are believed to have crashed over onto the car and frozen throughout the night, creating layer upon layer of ice to form.


This is not a scene from a Hollywood doomsday film. It happened in Buffalo, New York, when wind gusts of up to 47 mph...

Posted by CCTVNews on Tuesday, 12 January 2016



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