Lightning Strike Causes Whiskey Firenado At Jim Beam Factory

Screenn capture of YouTube video. The Weather Channel
Danielle Andrew 06 Sep 2015, 16:53

Firenado. Not only one of the cooler words ever mashed together out of the Queens English, but it also describes one of the most incredible fire based phenomena ever too.

According to The Weather Channel, the ‘firenado’ you can watch below was created after a lightning bolt struck a Jim Beam factory, and 800,000 liters of whisky flowed into the nearby lake.

What a waste.

Firenado’s require specific conditions to occur. An ignited flammable liquid sitting on top of a body of water must also have specific weather conditions in order to whip the flames into an upwards funnel.

Luckily the fire was contained by the lake, but unfortunately some of the escaping whisky flowed into a nearby lake and killed many fish.

(Also a sad waste)



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