Fighting Climate Change Is Not Hopeless – And Here's What You Can Do To Help


Of course, it's up to us to put them there – so one of the most important things non-politicians can do is to vote carefully.

"The biggest thing [individuals] can do is vote for candidates who will work to solve this problem. We really need smart government policies," Gaby continued.

"Elected officials should oppose the Trump administration’s attempt to increase carbon pollution, including their effort to cancel the Clean Power Plan, undermine the EPA’s clean cars program, and prop up the dirtiest coal plants."

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Post-election, voters can help encourage their elected official to commit to a sustainable agenda by staying in touch.

"Many states and cities are limiting their carbon pollution – you should ask your state leaders to do the same. In the long term, we need to limit climate pollution by asking companies to pay when they put carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. That will reduce pollution and give companies an incentive to move to clean energy," Gaby added.

If you are in the US, you can find a summary of where your politicians stand on various issues, including the environment (here) and details on how to contact Senators and Representatives (here and here).  There are other websites (including the Union of Concerned Scientists, the National Resources Defense Council, and that offer information on how to get in touch with policymakers and industry power players to encourage the pursual of tougher environmental policy. 

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