Federal Report Warns Of Climate Change Dangers, Now Awaits Trump Administration Approval

The draft report links specific extreme weather events to human influence. Leonid Ikan/Shutterstock

All of this does not bode well for the report, which says in no uncertain terms that the "global mean atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration has now passed 400 ppm, a level that last occurred about 3 million years ago when global average temperature and sea level were significantly higher than today."

In addition, "the last few years have also seen record-breaking, climate-related weather extremes, the three warmest years on record for the globe, and continued decline in Arctic sea ice. These trends are expected to continue in the future over climate (multidecadal) timescales."

This news comes on the heels of a leaked string of emails from the US Department of Agriculture that instruct the staff to stop using the term "climate change" in favor of "weather extremes" instead.

What will the Trump administration choose to do with this report? Watch this space.

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