Favorite Planetary Cooling Plan Is Riskier Than We Knew

Attempts to cool the planet through deliberate release of aerosols could make life even harder for this mother and child from Senegal, even while tropical cyclones decrease. DiversityStudio/Shutterstock

Co-author Professor Jim Haywood noted the importance of looking at local impacts, rather than just considering what a project will do to the global average temperature.

A particular concern is the danger of individual nations acting in their own best interests, while devastating others. This could potentially become the basis for war, or an inspiration to terrorists.

The fact that the United States is not only the nation best placed to implement a program like this, but would be particularly likely to benefit as the intensity of hurricanes decline, is a worry. But surely no American President would spare the country a few natural disasters at the expense of hundreds of millions of the world's poor, would they?

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