Climate Change Denier Scott Pruitt Confirmed As Head Of EPA

Pruitt, pictured here testifying at an earlier confirmation hearing back in January. T.J. Kirkpatrick/Bloomberg/Getty Images

In what amounts to a massive blow for the environment and America’s efforts to fight back against climate change, Oklahoma attorney general Scott Pruitt was confirmed at the end of last week as the new head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Senators voted 52 to 46 – with two Democrats actually backing him, and one Republican opposed – to approve his ascension.

Curiously, if Democrats Joe Manchin III of West Virginia and Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota actually decided to vote against Pruitt’s confirmation, it wouldn’t have been successful. As it so happens, they are both from coal-rich states, and you’d be hard pressed to find any other industry that’s keener to take apart the EPA.

The EPA is the organization that keeps America’s air, land, and water as pollutant-free as possible. Under the Obama administration, it was given more muscle to enact climate change prevention measures on a national level, something which fossil fuel conglomerates and coal/oil/gas-rich states were heavily opposed to.


Scott Pruitt has spent much of his career organizing such groups to sue the EPA, although almost always unsuccessfully. The rulings in these cases generally recognize that climate change, of course, doesn’t care for state boundaries and the environment required federal initiatives to be properly protected.

Pruitt is also a climate change denier somewhere on the scale between straight-out hoaxer to “the science isn’t settled.” He also happens to be supported by a large consortium of organizations of climate change deniers, and most of these are funded by the highly conservative Koch brothers, two of the world's wealthiest fossil fuel magnates.


In fact, the links between Pruitt and fossil fuel companies may be even stronger than previously realized. Just last week, a judge ordered him to hand over thousands of emails between himself and key figures in the energy industry, but he refused. This is one of many such orders spanning two years, none of which have been heeded.

Pruitt has been keen to take down the EPA for some time, in terms of watering down its authority to anemic levels. A new House bill, one put forward by some Tea Party Republicans, actually aims to terminate the EPA by the end of 2018, and Pruitt would not be against this.

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