China And EU Will "Join Forces" To Fight Climate Change Without America

Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang flew in to Berlin this week to meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Robin Andrews 01 Jun 2017, 17:30

This type of strongly-worded letter is a genuine cause for celebration. For the last few decades, China has gone with a “no pain, no gain” approach to its rapid industrialization, but due to apocalyptic levels of smog, the cheapness of wind and solar power, and a chance to be seen as a benevolent presence on the world stage, it’s now strongly pushing a green agenda.

Similarly, the EU is rapidly phasing out coal, and although it wobbles when it comes to nuclear power, its building wind and solar plants at a breakneck pace.

The efforts of both are far from perfect, but the fact that they’re working so hard at it – and are promising to release their ambitious carbon-cutting plans by 2020 – shows that the Paris agreement will live on with or without America’s participation.


“Other countries think that this agreement is one of the best they’ve ever been part of,” Dr Andrew Light, a climate specialist at the World Resources Institute and the former director of the US-India Joint Working Group for Combating Climate Change, told IFLScience. “It’s helping to unleash these forces of economic development and economic security in their countries.”

“We will eventually have a President that will want to do something about climate change,” Light added. “In the meantime, there’s only so much damage Trump can do.”

[H/T: BBC News]

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