Check Out This Guy Fighting Against 100mph Winds On Mount Washington

Mount Washington Observatory/YouTube

Here’s something to make you feel better if your walk to work this morning was a bit windy and drizzly.

The video shows weather observers Mike Dorfman and Tom Padham “blowing away the cobwebs” on the summit of Mount Washington in New Hampshire on May 16. The winds there have been reaching 175 kilometers per hour (109 miles per hour) in recent days, and were at least 160 km/h (100 mph) at the time of shooting this video.

This place is no stranger to blustery conditions. After all, it is proudly dubbed "Home of the World's Worst Weather." For over 60 years, the top of Mount Washington held the world record for the fastest wind speed ever recorded at 372 km/h (231 mph) on April 12, 1934.

In a Mount Washington Observatory blog post, Mike Dorfman – the guy flailing around in the video – explained his experience: “Wind on the summit is an experience that you can’t just describe to understand. It makes you fully appreciate that air is in fact a fluid and not empty space.”




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