Blue Planet II To Highlight How We Are Choking The Oceans With Plastic

The sustainable management of fisheries can benefit not only us, but also the rest of nature itself. Audun Rikardsen/BBC NHU

Josh Davis 05 Dec 2017, 12:23

In fact, in every environment that the crews filmed, they found plastic, with the team collecting it whenever they found it. But this was not the only threat experienced, as rising ocean temperatures are killing coral reefs, the noise from boats and underwater exploration for oil and gas drown out the calls of fish and whales, and overfishing strips the seas bare.

There is hope though. The episode will show how the management of herring fisheries in Norway help to not only make the industry sustainable, but also protect the orca. Or how one conservationist in Trinidad is securing the future of leatherback turtles on the island.

One thing is certain though. We need to act, and we need to act now.

According to Attenborough, our oceans are under their greatest threat in history. Gavin Thurston/BBC NHU


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