It's Time To Call Out The Anti-Science Left

It's good to be skeptical of huge monopolies, but not of the science itself, and GMOs are not what you think they are. Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images

“The fact that some rich countries aren’t going to take advantage of more productive or more nutritious food, that’s not any kind of problem at all,” he said. “What I would view as problematic is imposing that view on countries where the benefits are quite dramatic – in terms of avoiding crop diseases that lead to starvation, or growing crops that improve nutrition and provide vitamin A to people.”

Remember: There is nothing wrong with being a skeptic, and environmentalism is a cause worth fighting for, but you need to arm yourself with the correct information before you head out to battle. Otherwise, you could be perpetuating a great harm. Do your research and check your sources.

You don’t always have to be on the right of the political spectrum to be wrong on the science.

Update: A clarification has been added to the section about renewables and nuclear power; specifically, why solar and wind power alone can't currently power the world.

Golden Rice has the potential to be a life-saving game-changer of a crop. Aireo/Shutterstock

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