Al Gore Tells IFLScience, When It Comes To Climate Change, "We Will Win"

Al Gore met yesterday with President-elect Donald Trump to talk climate change. Kevin Hagen/Getty Images

Josh Davis 06 Dec 2016, 16:28

Ahead of today's sixth annual 24 Hours of Reality, a series of live-streamed hour-long discussions about climate change arranged by Al Gore and the Climate Reality Project, IFLScience talks to the former Vice President about climate change, the future, and what now needs to be done.

The live event covers what is going on in 24 of the largest carbon emitting nations, and what can be done to mitigate it. With an hour dedicated to the United States airing at 5pm ET (10pm GMT) this evening, you can tune in below to follow it live.

The main subject currently dominating discussions on how the US will respond to the threat of climate change has been pretty hard to miss. Inevitably, talk turns to how President-elect Donald Trump will respond to the growing pressure to act against the pumping of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, which is leading to the steady warming of the planet. But Gore does not think recent events in the US is cause to give in.

“I believe it’s too early to say what the impact of the choices President-elect Trump may make will have on climate,” Gore told IFLScience. “But I’ll say this: There have been many times in the history of this struggle to solve the climate crisis when there were very bleak days, when advocates were tempted to feel despair.

“We cannot afford to be set back on our heels by fear. We have to be prepared to win this. We have no other alternative; we have to win. And we will win. The only question is how long it will take.”

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