Archaeologists Discover Secret Of Stonehenge That Forces Us To Rethink Everything

How did Stone Age people build this using only basic tools? Nicholas E Jones/Shutterstock

“While respectable for its time, the results of these new analyses, combined with a thorough checking of the archived samples consulted by Thomas, reveal that key locations long believed to be sources for the Stonehenge bluestones can be discounted in favor of newly identified locations at Craig-Rhos-y-felin and Carn Goedog.”

As for the mechanism of how the stones ended up over 160 kilometers (100 miles) away from their quarry, that question will continue to keep archeologists up at night. A few researchers have suggested that they might have been transported to Salisbury Plain by the movement of glaciers, but most archaeologists argue that they were transported by an active human, most likely using numerous inland water networks and hauled over land.

“This work also highlights how easy it is to accept published findings as ‘gospel’ and not to offer a challenge.”

“This was the case with Thomas’s paper for over 80 years and yet our findings are fundamental to identifying sites where archaeological excavations might have the chance of finding evidence for the extraction of Stonehenge bluestones, if indeed they were extracted and transported by human agency rather than by ice.”

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