14 Places To Go If The World Is Going To End


Necker Island

This is the island that Virgin mogul Richard Branson owns. If you call him up, we're sure he'll let you live there when everything collapses. After all, he always seems like a pretty nice guy.

Tierra del Fuego

Wind patterns make this region in South America the perfect place to avoid any nuclear fallout. Again, there's a benefit of extremity. Nobody will bother invading Tierra del Fuego.


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The Yukon is the westernmost of Canada's federal territories. It is sparsely populated, and these days the economy is heavily dependent on the government and tourism. But if things fall apart, the area is certainly capable of sustaining small, thriving communities. There is plenty of wildlife for hunting and trapping, which will be very important in the early years after a global catastrophe when farming is not really a viable option.

As civilization rebuilds itself, the area's rare-metal mining will be a boon. Lots of rivers mean you'll be able to get around easily.

The weather is harsh, especially in winter. So bring a warm coat. And if you are on your own in the wilderness, you'll have to be especially careful of bears.

Kansas City

No matter what happens to the US, Kansas City will probably be OK. It's not on either one of the coasts, so you don't have to worry much about security, a foreign invasion, or rising sea levels. It is surrounded by plenty of farmland (suitable for raising grain and livestock), and it's also at the intersection of several rail lines, so transportation shouldn't be a problem, even if things get really bad — in fact, the city should thrive as a hub of activity.

The Isle of Lewis

Located in the north Atlantic ocean, at least three hours by boat from the mainland of Scotland, the Isle of Lewis is ideally positioned to avoid any wars or zombie apocalypses. Also take into account that no one has successfully invaded anywhere in the UK for 950 years!

The island has plenty of natural resources, too, with great food and all the whisky you could ever want, making Lewis a perfect place to hide at the end of the world.

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