Entertain Your Kids And Boost Their Brain Power With This DIY Coding Kit

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We are living in an increasingly digitalized world, and that means computer coding is not only important for children, it is imperative. For the last several years running, computer programmers and software engineers have been the top paid and most sought-after employment positions available, and this need is only expected to grow exponentially year after year. So, the more children know about coding, the brighter their futures will be. 


Coding for kids may seem like an impossible feat. It’s on par with learning a new language, and that’s why the earlier a child has access to learning code, the better the outcomes. To ensure your child’s success, you need a plan. That’s why you should consider the DIY Coding Kit for Ages 9 to 12. Specifically designed for kids, this fun way to learn computer programming will help develop your child’s STEM skills easily and effectively. 

From turning bananas into a piano to building a smart security gate, kids can discover the power of coding through fun and entertaining experiments. The coding kit is accessible for both beginner and advanced coders, and your kids' intrinsic curiosity drives the learning process through hands-on, playful projects. As your kids develop their coding skills, they can continue to use the kit to build on their projects defining and redefining the outcomes. 

The kit includes an Arduino-based Twin coding module, a servo motor, an ultrasonic sensor, jumper cables  and a USB data cable. The color-coded modules make algorithmic thinking easy to grasp. Children can use block codes to operate their modules using the free and easy-to-use Twinner app. To explore more projects, they can also use the Twing mobile app and join a community of kids who are passionate about computer science. 

Want to get your kids interested in coding early? Right now, the DIY Coding Kit for Ages 9 to 12 is on sale for $65.99, or 33 percent off.


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