Why This Computer Scientist Is Running For Congress

Patrick Madden, the computer scientist running for Congress. Madden For Congress

He’ll certainly need help, though – as will all of 314 Action’s candidates. Donations matter, and his opponents have a considerably larger war chest when it comes to elections.

“American politics to a large extent are bought and sold,” Madden says. “It’s a rigged game.”

He suggests that there are plenty of rational, decent folks out there – even Republicans that voted for Trump in 2016 – that will see his practical, knowledgeable, and community-focused story and empathize with it. If enough of them sign onto his campaign, then there’s a seriously good chance he’ll flip the district.

“Can I promise to solve every problem within a week? No – but I would be looking for solutions and compromises instead of trying to pad my wallet.”


Toward the end of our conversation, Madden circles back to the reason that is driving him to enter the political melee in the first place. Science is under attack, of course, but that’s not the only thing that’s under threat here.

“Trump is attacking people that don’t really have the ability to defend themselves,” he stressed. “Enough. These folks have their rights, they have a lot of decent people that recognize that something is seriously broken – and, now, they have me.”

“Right now, we have a President who reads the National Enquirer, and just underneath a story about Sasquatch he finds one that influences his economic policy,” Madden points out. “This is going to be a rough ride – but there are far more decent people out there that are awake and paying attention than people might realize.”

“Things look bleak now, but there will be a turning point. We may be able to get our hands back on the wheel, get some more control – and survive this.”

To donate to Patrick’s campaign, click here. His campaign page can be found here and on Facebook.

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