Why This Computer Scientist Is Running For Congress

Patrick Madden, the computer scientist running for Congress. Madden For Congress

He won’t be leaving other scientists behind as he runs, however. From environmental researchers to medical experts to space scientists, he hopes his campaign, if successful, will allow him to back them up and defend them too.

“I have friends that work at NASA, and they are unbelievably talented people. If they’re concerned about global warming, I will take their word for it,” he tells us. “My campaign will support the folks who will have the oil companies coming at them guns blazing.”

Madden’s motivation, however, is far from just the protection and advocacy of science. Trump’s administration has been unprecedented in its assault on the American people, particularly the less well-off and minority groups.

“I have Hispanic ancestry, and friends. I have friends who are Muslim, friends who have disabilities, friends who are women – Trump is actively going after all these people that I care about,” he tells IFLScience.

“I’ve had friends and colleagues who come from every kind of background, who have given me encouragement and help and support, and I owe so many people so much for the life I’ve got.

“I’m just a poor kid from Detroit. I work hard, but I did not do this on my own. Lots of people have my back, lots of people have done good things for me,” he adds.

“Trump is going after the sort of folks that stood up for me. So I feel like I have to stand up for them. That’s the fire in my belly here.”

Congresswoman Claudia Tenney (left) has backed up Trump on voting 100 percent of the time. Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

His opponent will be one Claudia Tenney, who Madden describes as a “Trump apologist”. According to FiveThirtyEight, she has voted with Trump 100 percent of the time, and often backs up his policies, actions, and belligerence with aplomb.

Tenney has voted for the widely-panned American Health Care Act, has voted to allow Internet providers to sell data to their customers, and has stood by Trump regarding the Comey firing. Unsurprisingly, Madden says he will “happily run against her.”

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