Video Game Study Suggests Humans Get More Peaceful As The World Ends

People met up more, bonded more, and spoke more happily towards the end. Volodya Senkiv/Shutterstock

Robin Andrews 14 Mar 2017, 20:44

Literature, films, books, and story-driven video games tend to portray the times before an apocalypse as lawless, violent, murderous, and bloody – but in the case of ArcheAge, the players became less violent and far more social.

They met up more, spoke directly to each other more, and seemed to stop concerning themselves with the future. The sweetest part of it all is that the chat dialogue towards the final moments became happier, not sadder.

The gaming world looked a lot less green, mind you. Instead of planting trees and the like, players decided that there wasn’t much point.

The study authors underscore the fact that “players that stayed until the end of the world exhibited peaks in the number of small temporary groupings: new social relationships are being formed.”

It seems, then, that humans want to make friends more frequently as the lights are going out – a decidedly lovely sentiment.

In total, 270 million records of player behavior were documented for this study, which oddly makes it one of the most comprehensive studies on human psychology in recent times. Although it doesn’t mimic real life quite as much as one would hope, this MMORPG does suggest that the end of the world may not have as terrifying a prologue as people think.

It's not a perfect study of human behavior, but it's a good estimate. nhungboon/Shutterstock

[H/T: New Scientist]

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