Trump's Budget Annihilates Funding For Education And Environmental Science

President Donald J. Trump, pictured here back in 2016 when he was still campaigning. Alex Wong/Getty Images

Robin Andrews 16 Mar 2017, 14:21

President Trump submitted his budget blueprint for the upcoming fiscal year to Congress today, and as expected, it’s mostly bad news for government agencies, who are having their funding drastically slashed through a series of draconian spending cuts.

The biggest swing of the axe is set to fall on the beleaguered Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which is currently led by a climate change denier of the highest order, the agency’s former archenemy Scott Pruitt. According to an analysis by Bloomberg, its budget will be reduced by 29.6 percent, with programs focusing on pollution and carbon footprint mitigation set to lose out the most.

The Department of Education (ED), headed by someone with no experience in public schools whatsoever, is also set to lose 13.6 percent of its funding.

It’s worth noting that both Betsy DeVos and Pruitt are nonplussed whenever the subject of the obliteration of their agencies comes up in conversation – and that there are concrete steps being made by Congressional Republicans to abolish both of them by the end of 2018.


The Department of Agriculture (USDA), the federal branch of government responsible for, among other things, maintaining the food supply of the US, is set to lose 29 percent of its funding. Health and Human Services (HHS), whose job it is to protect the health of all Americans, will also lose 23 percent of its budget.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to streamline government agencies from time to time in order to make them run more efficiently, but these cuts are nothing short of draconian. Trump’s America is now a place where education, the environment, food, and health are deemed far less essential than they were this time last year.

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