Type Of Water Ice Hotter Than The Sun's Surface Is A New Phase Of Matter

You may think of ice as quintessentially cold, but under extreme pressure, it can remain solid but have a temperature hotter than the Sun’s surface. This type of water ice is called "superionic ice" and has been added to the list of around 20 phases water can structurally form, including ice, liquid, and vapor. Now, scientists have discovered two new two superionic ice phases, which may help explain the cores of ice giant planets, like Neptune and Uranus.

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For The Second Time Ever, A Patient Appears Self-Cured Of HIV

For the second time ever, someone appears to have eliminated HIV entirely from their body without the use of anti-retroviral drugs. Known as the Esperanza Patient, the 30-year-old woman appears to have eliminated their HIV reservoir through their immune system alone without being treated. In this incredibly rare case, over 1.5 billion blood and tissue cells were analyzed and no intact HIV genomes were found.

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Perseverance's Latest Mars Rock Sample Contains Curious "Greenish" Mineral

Perseverance has just locked and loaded its third sample to send home to Earth from its current location inside an ancient lakebed. Peering inside a rock, Percy scraped a small patch to get a look at something no one has ever seen before: what lies under the surface layer. In this case, it appears rock that carries a curious “greenish” mineral known as olivine.  Now hypotheses are flying about how it got there.

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Faces Of Ancient Bronze Age Culture Revealed In Digital Reconstructions

A digital reconstruction project is providing a glimpse of the faces of the people who lived through the colossal cultural changes the Eastern Mediterranean underwent during the Bronze Age. The reconstructions of 36 people, including a woman buried dripping in silver, discovered at a 3,700-year-old burial site in Spain are part of a larger project solving the mysteries of the El Algar people.

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Orangutans Have Their Own Personal Artistic Styles That Can Change With The Seasons

Nonhuman primates can create art that reflects their own individual personalities and moods, according to an analysis of hundreds of drawings made by five female orangutans at Tama Zoological Park in Japan. Describing the apes’ creations, researchers note that the drawing style of some orangutans changes with the seasons, possibly reflecting fluctuations in their state of mind.

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FEATURED ARTICLE: Can You Count All The Ways To Shuffle A Deck Of Cards? We Bet You Can't

How long do you think it would take to shuffle a deck of cards into every order possible? We’re pretty sure the answer will blow your mind. Strap in for a wild ride, taking in odds, factorials, and some pretty impressive math.

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