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Cause Of Mysterious Gulf War Syndrome Finally Uncovered, Major New Study Claims

Gulf War syndrome describes the chronic multisymptom illness that affects hundreds of thousands of military veterans who fought in the bloody Persian Gulf War in 1990. With symptoms including “brain fog”, memory issues, and rashes, a cause has been hard to pin down. But new research claims to have “solved the mystery” of what causes Gulf War syndrome, and puts it down to the nerve agent sarin.

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Scientists Bring Life To Eyes That Died Five Hours Earlier

As smart as our scientists are, there are some parts of the body that just don’t donate well. While organs like kidneys or livers can be put on ice for hours to slow damage from lack of oxygen, tissue from the central nervous system becomes non-viable in less than four minutes after death. And frustratingly, exactly why this happens, and whether it’s reversible, has not been well understood. Until now.

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More Human Remains Have Been Revealed By Climate Change At Lake Mead

On May 1, police received reports of a human body in a barrel found stuck in the mud near the shrinking waters of Lake Mead, just east of Las Vegas. Less than a week later, on Saturday, May 7, National Park Service rangers responded to another call saying more human remains had been discovered near the lake's waters.

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A Change In The Physics Of The Universe Killed Off The Dinosaurs, Professor Of Physics Suggests

Since the discovery of dinosaurs, scientists have struggled with the question: what made them go away? The prevailing theory is that they were wiped out by asteroid impact, but what if something else was to blame? One physicist has suggested that the extinction of the dinosaurs may have been brought about by something much more fundamental: A change to the values of physics itself.

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What Exactly Is A Blood Moon?

It sounds like something from a gothic horror novel but a "Blood Moon" is very real, although the only connection it has with blood is its color. Around twice a year, the Moon turns red. The event only happens during a total lunar eclipse and is caused by the same thing that keep us alive: the Earth’s atmosphere.

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A Hole In The Head: The Grisly History Of Lobotomies

With techniques ranging from injecting alcohol directly into the brain, to hammering an ice pick into the eye socket – how did this treatment become a medical “cure-all”, and what happened to all the patients?

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