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It May Take 400,000 Years To Connect With Alien Civilizations, Scientists Say

There have been some concerning solutions to the Fermi Paradox, which puts forward the following puzzling question - if humans are not special and civilizations can rise commonly in the cosmos, why are we yet to find anybody else? A new paper has a bold answer.

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Bronze Age Daggers Were For Butchery Not Bling

Bronze Age graves are loaded with daggers, presumably to mark the significance of the person buried there. Archaeologists have long been frustrated by an inability to establish if these blades were purely symbolic, or if they had practical uses. However a new report suggests the daggers were used to kill livestock and butcher their carcasses.

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River Dolphins Get Weird With Anaconda Who Don't Want None, But Gets Some Anyway

Object carrying has been observed among Amazon river dolphins as a sexual display, wielding anything from plants to stones and clay. However, more recently, and perhaps most bizarrely, a bunch of Bolivian river dolphins were observed getting weird with a predatory anaconda.

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Cannabis Smoking Linked To Heart Attacks, But Soy Compound Reverses Risk

Regular stoners may have a higher risk of developing heart disease or having a heart attack, according to a new study. The researchers found that smoking a joint triggers a rapid increase in pro-inflammatory compounds that can harm blood vessels – but a molecule from soy may help to alleviate this damage.

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Most Americans Support Abortion Access. So Why Do We Think It's Controversial?

When news got out this week that the US Supreme Court are poised to overturn Roe v Wade, the reaction was swift and passionate. For many onlookers, these scenes probably aren’t surprising: abortion has long been a cornerstone in the US culture wars. But is the choice to end an unwanted or non-viable pregnancy really as controversial as we’re told?

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What Are White Holes, Black Holes' Evil Twins?

You've probably heard of black holes. It's believed there's one at the heart of every galaxy. But have you ever heard of white holes, black holes' evil twins?   

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