A Single Protein Could Bring Relief From Allergies And Auto-Immune Diseases 

Allergies have so many triggers, and auto-immune diseases are so diverse in their effects it seems safe to assume effective treatments will be equally varied. Yet one team of scientists has found the little-known molecule neuritin has potential in dampening down an enormous range of harmful over-reactions by the body's defense. Perhaps there really is one protein to rule them all, and a short-cut out of so many people's suffering. 

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Researchers Have Found A Way To Regrow Teeth 

False teeth could one day be a thing of the past, thanks to the discovery of an antibody that sparks the regeneration of lost teeth in mice. By inhibiting the action of a gene called USAG-1, the antibody increases the availability of certain growth factors, and could eventually be used to help people grow a new set of pearly whites. The technique is nowhere near ready to be trialed on humans, but the researchers did test the antibody on ferrets and saw similar success. 

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Interstellar Comet Borisov Is More Pristine Than Any Comet We Have Seen 

Two new studies have provided some incredible insights into the interstellar comet 2I/Borisov which was discovered in August 2019. Thanks to the analysis of its composition, astronomers believe that its foray into the solar system was the first time it ever passed close to a star, and its home planetary system probably houses gas giant planets. While Comet Borisov was the first interstellar comet, researchers believe that many more will be discovered in the coming years – and the European Space Agency is gearing up to chase one when the occasion arises. 

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Climate Change May Have Triggered Kyoto's Earliest Cherry Blossom Season In 1,200 Years 

One of Japan’s most celebrated natural spectacles has reached a grim milestone this year, arriving at its earliest date in more than 1,200 years. The early blooming – while undoubtedly still a sight to behold – comes as a fragrant reminder that climate change is forever tweaking the globe’s natural behaviors. It’s not happening just in Kyoto either, as Tokyo also saw its cherry blossom season arrive early, 12 days ahead of schedule. 

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Humans Have Genes That Support The Production Of Oral Venom 

Imagine being able to kill your enemies with a single, venomous bite. It might sound a little farfetched, but new research shows that humans do have the potential to become venomous, as the genes that regulate our salivary glands are the same that allow snakes to produce oral toxins. Similarly, human saliva contains a protein called kallikrein, which is also present in a number of venomous secretions. In other words, we already have the basic components for the development of a deadly bite. 

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Featured article: Richard Garriott Tells IFLScience About His Record-Breaking Ocean Dive 

A few weeks ago, entrepreneur and explorer Richard Garriott broke a unique record. He has become the first person to reach the deepest point in the Earth’s oceans, Challenger Deep, after having gone to orbit around our planet and having reached both the North and South Poles. IFLScience sat with him for a live Instagram interview discussing what the dive was like. 

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