Alzheimer's Vaccine Shown To Be Safe In Phase II Clinical Trial 

A potential vaccine against Alzheimer's has been found safe and capable of producing an immune response, results from a phase II clinical trial have shown. The vaccine stimulates an immune response against specific bits of the tau protein whose accumulation appears to be one of the causes of Alzheimer’s. While that is good news, the trial, didn’t show a major impact on the cognitive decline of the patients, or whether it can stop and reverse the disease.  

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Extinct Giant Rhino Found In China Was One Of The Largest Land Mammals Of All Time 

A new species of extinct rhinoceros has been found in northern China that dates back 26.5 million years, and it was massive – one of the largest land animals ever known. It’s thought to have weighed 16-22 tons and stood almost 5 meters at the shoulder, with its head as high as a giraffe’s. A member of the Paraceratherium genus of hornless rhinos, a skull and mandible of P. linxiaense was found indicating it ate from the tops of trees like a giraffe too.  

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The World's Fifth Ocean Is Officially On The Map  

It’s official! National Geographic’s mapmakers have now recognized the Southern Ocean as the world’s fifth ocean. This marks the end of decades of dispute over the body of water surrounding Antarctica and will, quite literally, put the Southern Ocean on the map. Until now, only four oceans have been officially recognized –  the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, and Arctic Oceans. These are defined by continent, making the Southern Ocean the only one defined by current. 

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Watch As China's Taikonauts Safely Dock With Its New Tiangong Space Station 

China successfully launched three taikonauts to its new Tiangong space station, making them the station’s first crew members and the first Chinese "space travelers" to launch in nearly five years. You can watch the moment the spacecraft docked with the Tianhe core module. They will spend the next three months up there carrying out spacewalks and bringing the module into service and are currently orbiting at 380 kilometers above Earth.  

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Physicists Bring Human-Scale Object To An Almost Quantum Standstill For First Time 

Physicists have managed to bring the largest object yet to the elusive almost quantum standstill, or ground state, for the first time. All normal matter is made of humming particles vibrating at their own frequencies we can’t see. To get them to an almost standstill is incredibly difficult. Scientists just managed it with an object 10 trillion times more massive than the previous record-holder for the heaviest object prepared close to its motional ground state.  

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Sponsored Feature Article: This 4K Mini Drone is the Ultimate Buy for Summer 2021 

Summertime is here, and the living is easy. And it's mostly taking place outside. Whether you’re at the local lake or simply hanging in your backyard, aren't you intrigued to see more than meets the eye? The 4K HD Copernicus Mini Drone is a must for all explorers. It’s the best way to capture the most mind-blowing moments, no matter where you are.  

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