Watch The Incredible Footage Of Perseverance’s Landing And The First Audio From The Red Planet 

Within days of landing on the Red Planet, Perseverance sent back the first-ever footage of a rover landing on Mars and the first-ever audio from another planet. The footage captures the rover’s precarious final minutes before landing as it’s parachuted to the surface and dropped down by a hovering rocket-powered sky crane. Its microphones – the first on Mars – caught the whistle of Martian breeze and the sounds of the rover a couple of days later. 

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Six-Legged “Miracle” Puppy Born During Oklahoma Snowstorm Is Totally Adorable 

A 6-legged puppy has been described as a “miracle” after surviving being born with a range of complicated conditions including two extra limbs. Skipper is thought to be the first-ever 6-legged pup to be born alive, and she is defying the odds by growing healthily. She will likely require physiotherapy when she is older, but she should enjoy a full and happy life, and her family hopes to see her wagging both tails vigorously as she grows and explores the world. 

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Spinal Cord Injuries Repaired In Patients Using Their Own Stem Cells In Preliminary Trial 

Researchers have reported preliminary success repairing spinal cord injuries in patients using intravenous injections of their own bone marrow-derived stem cells. The results are a major step forward in restoring motor functions in patients with non-penetrating spinal cord injuries. Stem cells from the patient’s bone marrow were cultured in the lab and each patient was injected with their own stem cells. Within days, key motor functions such as the ability to walk or to use their hands were improved. 

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Oldest Cave Art In Australia Has Been Found And, Of Course, It's A Kangaroo 

The oldest-known Aboriginal rock painting has been identified in Australia and – to no surprise – it’s a drawing of a kangaroo. Dating cave paintings done in ochre is hard so researchers dated ancient mud wasp nests that had been painted over. By dating wasp nests above and beneath the painting, the artwork of the kangaroo-like creature was dated between 17,500 to 17,100 years ago, making it the oldest painted figure in Australia to date. 

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People With Extremist Views Perform Worse In Complex Mental Tasks, Study Suggests 

Prevention is the key to stopping extremist violence – but how can scientists identify who is a risk? Researchers set out to identify possible links between extremists and mental ability with personality surveys and cognitive tasks. They found those who self-reported traits such as conservatism, nationalism, and dogmatism performed worse in intricate mental tasks. However, it’s unclear if this was a result of their extreme views or if people are predisposed to extremism. 

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