This Cloud Actually Rains Drops Of Tequila


Science has pulled through with the goods once again. Nope, no word yet on an unlimited clean energy source or a phone battery that lasts more than a day. But hold tight, they have created an indoor cloud that produces raindrops of real tequila.

The tequila cloud is part of an installation at Urban Spree art gallery in Berlin, created by the ad agency LAPIZ on behalf of the Mexico Tourism Board. The idea is that the weather sucks in Germany during March, so why not head over to Mexico for a holiday? Sounds good to us.

It works by using specialized humidifiers to vibrate tequila at an ultrasonic frequency that turns it into a thick visible fog. The mist is then able to condense into water and fall as rain drops. They even let guests drink the tequila rain for free.

A more conventional way of creating some steamy fog, such as heat vaporization, would evaporate all the alcohol off because it boils at a much lower temperature than water – and that's definitely not a good idea.

Shots, anyone?


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