The 20 Best High-Paying Jobs In America For 2017

These jobs pay more than $100,000 a year and offer other perks like low stress levels and great work-life balance. ChaNaWiT/Shutterstock


14. Marketing manager

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Average annual salary: $140,660

Projected growth (2014 to 2024): 9%

Being a marketing manager doesn't come with a set-in-stone list of responsibilities. It requires employees to balance a variety of tasks, including everything from hiring new talent to strategic planning to design work. The highest-paying cities for this position include San Jose, San Francisco, and New York City.


13. Information-technology manager

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Average annual salary: $141,000

Projected growth (2014 to 2024): 15%

IT managers supervise software and hardware upgrades, protect office networks from hackers and malware, and coordinate technology issues with top executives. The position isn't industry-specific, either. As technology becomes increasingly integral to day-to-day business operations, IT managers have become necessary across all sectors.


12. Petroleum engineer

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Average annual salary: $149,590

Projected growth (2014 to 2024): 10%

Petroleum engineers create new technology or create new ways to apply existing technology to help untap oil. Because the industry and the federal government want to encourage engineering breakthroughs and more environmentally friendly extraction techniques, most university students can expect to get their studies fully underwritten and even receive a stipend.


11. Nurse anesthetist


Average annual salary: $160,250

Projected growth (2014 to 2024): 19%

Nurse anesthetists help doctors complete painful procedures by administering anesthesia through intravenous drugs or inhaled gases. To become a nurse anesthetist, registered nurses must complete at least one year of critical-care experience and earn a master's degree from an accredited nurse-anesthesia program.


10. Prosthodontist

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Average annual salary: $161,020

Projected growth (2014 to 2024): 18%

Different from an orthodontist, prosthodontists are dental specialists who build oral prostheses that replace missing teeth. These replacements can help patients in a number of ways, from improving appearances to restoring the ability to speak and eat.


9. Dentist

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Average annual salary: $172,350

Projected growth (2014 to 2024): 18%

Dentists help maintain the health of patients' mouths, gums, and teeth by filling cavities, diagnosing oral diseases, and extracting teeth when needed. The highest-paid dentists work in Lafayette, Indiana, Brownsville, Texas, and Wausau, Wisconsin.


8. Pediatrician

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Average annual salary: $183,180

Projected growth (2014 - 2024): 10%

Pediatricians focus on the physical and mental health of children, from infancy to adolescence. Specialties range from oncology and hematology to developmental behavior and psychiatry, but at the end of the day, it's all about advocating the best course of care and communicating it to parents and patients.

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