The 10 Most Bizarre And WTF Stories Of 2017

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James Felton 30 Dec 2017, 20:29

2) Flat-Earthers Tried To Prove The Earth Is Flat In A Variety Of Bizarre Ways

The Earth isn't flat. You know it, people in the Middle Ages knew it, flat-Earthers apparently don't know it. This year has seen a resurgence in flat-Earthers saying ridiculous things.

There was one flatty who took a level onto a plane to prove the Earth was flat, and then there was B.o.B who planned to launch satelites into space to prove the Earth looks like a map. Buzz Aldrin wrote B.o.B. to confirm that the Earth is in fact round, but that didn't deter flat-Earthers. 

The most bizarre attempt to disprove science came from one flat-Earther, who planned to launch himself into space in a homemade rocket. It's not clear whether he was going for a Nobel Prize or a Darwin Award.

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