The 10 Most Bizarre And WTF Stories Of 2017

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James Felton 30 Dec 2017, 20:29

4) AI Tries To Design Inspirational Posters And It Goes Horribly Wrong

When you think of the phrase "AI goes horribly wrong", your mind immediately leaps to robots killing humans. That day may come, but in 2017 it is a lot less sinister.

This particular AI was intended to design inspirational posters, but ended up with some dark words of advice.

This one feels like a personal attack, to be honest. Inspirobot.

Check out some more InspiroBot posts and an explantion of the madness here

3) A Woman Became Pregnant While Already Pregnant


In "holy mother of God is this really a thing" news, a woman became pregnant whilst already pregnant. This resulted in her giving birth to two children who had different sets of parents.

Jessica Allen underwent IVF after she agreed to become a surrogate mother for a Chinese couple. Following a routine ultrasound, Allen was told she was carrying twins. She gave birth to two boys via cesarean section later that year. A month later, she received a photo of the two boys from the Chinese couple with a message saying: “They are not the same, right? Have you thought about why they are different?”

"I did notice that one was much lighter than the other," Allen told ABC News. "You know, obviously they were not identical twins." DNA tests later confirmed this suspicion. It showed that one baby was Allen's biological child and the other baby was the Chinese couple's child. 

This is a phenomenon known as “superfetation”. It’s extremely rare because pregnant women’s bodies release hormones to stop ovulation. In this case, however, Allen's body continued to ovulate. Since superfetation is rare in humans, scientists and practitioners know very little about how and why it happens.

Fortunately, both children are now fit and healthy. Allen and her partner Jasper recently received custody of their son and named him Malachi.

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